Integrating customers’ requirements, KopisSafe produces hardware and software solutions for your facilities’ security. Implementing our remarkable safety products like a SENTRY, BASE, and SCOUT gives you the flexibility to control your operations the way you like. Kopis Mobile powers all KopisSafe products.

BASE: Best Practices and Standards Engine

KopisSafe BASE is an integrated safety and security content management platform. Our BASE is engineered to securely house your organization’s relevant materials, whether they are best practices, event planning materials, or operational workflows. Paired with KopisSafe’s SCOUT, BASE will “operationalize” your content, ensuring compliance and event safety quickly and efficiently.


SCOUT: Secure Compliance and Operational Utilization Tool

KopisSafe’s SCOUT is an operational extension to BASE, our safety and security content management platform. SCOUT is intentionally designed to extend the content-building and organizational capabilities of BASE to present content in an efficient and mobile-friendly manner to ensure compliance and accountability to operational standards and workflows.


SENTRY: Plug and Play Modular Portable Infrastructure

SENTRY is a modular, rugged, self-contained, and networked portable infrastructure node designed for sports and entertainment venues that lack adequate power and/or data communications infrastructure. SENTRY is designed to support various types of sensors flexibly, providing power, wireless mesh communications, and data collection and storage across the entire geographic footprint for the venue. SENTRY can be quickly deployed and easily set up to manage multiple sensors and sensor types.


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