Best Practices and Standards Engine (BASE) is an integrated safety and security content management platform. BASE allows organizations to document and maintain their security best practices, and it is designed explicitly as a planning and management tool for security professionals. BASE is a cloud-based, FEDRAMP deployed web portal engineered to house any organization’s relevant security materials. Professional level, collegiate level, or holding companies of sporting venues use BASE to document their own best practices, event planning materials, standard operating procedures, or operational workflows.

BASE consists of a content management system for creating and maintaining best practices and a web application to view, tag, and search the best practice content.

BASE access controls restrict who can make content changes and view the information.

BASE allows a venue’s legacy security policy and plans to be viewed side-by-side with current industry best practices and assessment criteria in a user-friendly manner.

Benefits & Features

ACCOUNTABILITY: Ensure only authorized personnel make changes with
  • User-specific credentials and roles
  • Workflows controlling content submissions, alterations, and approvals
AUDITABILITY: Track and report any changes using
  • Timestamps and version control/history
SECURITY: Rest assured your content is safe with
  • Flexible data storage using state-of-the-art encryption
  • The same cloud-based infrastructure used by DHS
  • No co-mingled data — your data stays yours
CUSTOMIZATION: Build out your organizational and operational hierarchy through
  • Editing tools to personalize your content using text, images, and links
  • Branding setup services to fit your look and feel
  • Extensive, seamless content linking to provide structure
CIRCULATION: Publish your material providing
  • Simple web-based interface for read-only users
  • Searching, filtering, and tagging capabilities for end-user personalization
  • One-button printable export

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