Secure Compliance and Operational Utilization Tool (SCOUT) extends the content-building and organizational capabilities of BASE. SCOUT is both a desktop and mobile-friendly application that ensures compliance and accountability with the organization’s custom security plans within BASE. Drawing data from the best practices in BASE, security managers use SCOUT to assign best practices to other team members to assess, in real-time, whether the organization is following established best practices. As team members complete their assignments, the manager views the progress and identifies any gaps. In the end, the system generates a report detailing the venue’s best practice compliance and lists gaps with the assessor feedback.

SCOUT streamlines engagement with field security officials, allowing real-time updated access to the operational plans and standards.

SCOUT provides a digital communication path to the Security Command Center, which accesses immediate compliance reporting on operational standards, plans, and workflows preloaded in BASE.

SCOUT enables enhanced feedback by permitting both text comments and images to be added, thereby documenting compliance with the security plan while providing a database of performed actions in the event of litigation.

Benefits & Features

  • SCOUT builds on BASE to enable you to execute on your operational standards and plans anywhere, anytime
  • Security personnel utilize the mobile app to report compliance with operational standards, plans, and workflows
  • Users can add comments and images to enhance feedback and results
  • All customer data is stored separately, not co-mingled
  • Desktop interface: Stakeholders create and assign compliance appraisals/workflows
  • Mobile app: Resources report adherence to the operational content assigned/displayed
  • Branding and customization setup services to fit your look and feel
  • Security stakeholders track the progress of ongoing assessments and workflows in near real-time
  • Organizations receive consistent, immediate operational accountability and auditability through integrated adherence reporting
  • The desktop interface provides export to printable reports on completed assessments/workflows

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