SENTRY provides a solution to an organization that lacks the fixed power and data infrastructure to support electronic sensors used to monitor activity, collect data, or provide information to safety and security personnel. SENTRY provides both electrical power and flexible data communications for both the testing and operational deployment of various sensors where the organic infrastructure is limited. SENTRY is ideal for sport and entertainment venues, large parking areas, or any organization owning vast amounts of real estate in need of mitigating security gaps with additional sensors.

Benefits & Features

  • Deploy new security sensors without adding fixed infrastructure
  • Rapidly deploy multiple SENTRY nodes for required sensors and coverage
  • Provide power (PoE) and data (IP) communications to attached sensors
  • Easily manage and collect data from multiple SENTRY nodes and sensors
  • Integrate SENTRY into existing networks, or run as stand-alone with onboard virtual machines
  • Portable & self-contained
  • Rugged & weather-proof
  • AC or battery-powered
  • Meshing, self-organizing wireless network
  • PoE power & data for attached sensor(s)
  • Onboard compute & storage

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